Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vision improving?

I'm about a week shy of a month following the Weston A Price food recommendations. I have eliminated soy from my diet altogether. I probably still eat too much grain, but I'm at least soaking and sprouting it.

I have noticed the following:

  1. I can focus and maintain focus.
  2. I have more energy
  3. I sleep better (except for when I have a hot flash)
  4. I am not depressed and am off the anti-depressants and do not miss them at all.
  5. I am optimistic about life
  6. I am using my reading glasses less
  7. I do not have nearly as much gas and no bloating at all
  8. I have regular bowel movements and no hemorrhoids
  9. While I am experiencing a full range of emotions, I do not get freaked out or upset about things that used to upset me and piss me off and left me feeling resentful and angry.
  10. Most of my joint pain is gone (my right thumb still throbs from time to time, but I probably abuse it)
  11. I continue to lose weight (albeit more slowly than at first... now about 1/2 pound a week)
  12. I am not hungry all the time and sometimes don't even notice when it's meal time until someone points it out or I do get hungry a couple of hours later.
  13. I'm eating less at most meals.
  14. I have had no cravings for chocolate, sugar, bread, cookies, donuts, cake or any of the other junk I used to crave daily and often indulged.
  15. I do crave cod liver oil from time to time.
Challenges I'm facing on this new eating adventure:

Finding a source for pasture fed milk has been unsuccessful. I have a source for locally raised raw milk, but it's not organic. I'm not sure if I'm better off with the non-organic but raw or if I would be better off with the Ultra-pasteurized, homogenized stuff from the store even it it is organic. In the spring I will have a source for raw, organic goat milk but will have to make do until then.

As with the milk, finding organic butter is a problem. I can't find cream at all other than the little bit on top of the milk after it sits for a few days.

Ken does not like most of the fermented foods. He will eat the purple cabbage ferment and the beets. I'm hoping as the other foods age a bit, they will mellow and he will be more content to eat them. I like the stuff, myself.

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