Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ohno Update

I am delighted to say that Ohno (and Alice and Jerry) have finally adjusted to each other.

And Ohno seems to be recovered from a very severe bout of barberpole worms. His eyes are now nice and pink (the under eyelids) and his who demeanor has changed. Now he boings like a sheep, runs, tosses his head in joy and generally makes a nuisance of himself. Most importantly, he is finally putting on some weight.

These guys get a bit of cracked corn mixed with something call Hay Stretcher from the Tractor Supply outfit. They each get about 2 cups of this mix each evening. In the morning they are getting fresh hay. Starting tonight they will also start receiving fresh privit hedge branches and leaves. This is their winter fodder.

The weather has been ridiculously cold for this time of year. Last year was also crazy cold with entirely too much snow for our area. I fear this year will be the same. Fortunately, all three sheep have put on a good thick coat of wool. Ohno's fiber is very, very soft and he does appear to have a rather critical break in it... but next year we will not have that problem as we will treat aggressively for worms early on and throughout the summer.

I'm thinking seriously of investing in diacotamous earth to spread out there. Short of moving the sheep and burning off the pasture mid spring, I'm not sure how else to get rid of the freaking worms. I will keep researching.

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