Friday, December 17, 2010


I woke up this morning with awful sinus pain. I was transported back a month or so when I woke up every morning in pain. I also could not breath through my nose. Ugh!


Well, two things could be the culprit. I shut the bedroom window three days ago. It was cold when I went to bed. I wanted to sit up and read for a bit. I thought I would read, then get up and re-crack the window because we both prefer to sleep in a cooler room. But I forgot. And I failed to re-open it for the last couple of days.

But I didn't wake up with sinus problems for the last three days. So what was different?

Then I remembered. Last night I got a small snack attack while watching TV. I should have had a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit or some yogurt... but instead I grabbed three of Ken's cookies (they are good quality cookies, but not homemade).

I will avoid those tonight and see if tomorrow morning is miserable.

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