Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Where Am I Going?

The fiber is bursting out of the loom room now.

I have about 1/3 rd of the very first fleece I ever bought. It's that brown, very difficult and VM filled Ramboullette. Then I have half of the grey lincoln processed and half set up in roving. I've got all of the white lincoln washed but only about half put into roving. Then there is the grey merino of which only 1/4 is washed and finally the 10 foot mystery wool of which about 1/4th has been washed.

I've also got a few odd bits (4 ounces here and there) of silk, shetland wool, bfl wool, soy silk, bamboo, cotton and flax. Oh yeah, and there's a bunch of Churro in there that has pretty much found a home in the felting box.

If you look at my yarns... well, there are two whole bins of various kinds of knitting yarn and a basket full of odd handspun. There is also the growing collection of coned yarns for weaving.

I now have the floor looms and all of its accoutrement's and two spinning wheels, the inkle loom and dye and felting stuff. There's also a sewing machine in there and a drum carder and ... well, it's just gotten a little crazy.

I need to tidy up and put things away and maybe even have a small give away. We will see.