Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chicken Dumping

Apparently, in addition to folks dumping their unwanted cats and dogs on the properties of other folks in the country who seem to have animal friendly homes, we now have a new phenomenon called "chicken dumping."

Both Ken and I were out doing various errands yesterday morning. I came home to find a peeping box on the porch. Inside were six 3 or 4 day old chicks. Most appear to be some sort of brown chicken, another is yellow and appears that it might turn into a white chicken. We don't know how to tell yet if they are male or female.

In any case, I got down Maggie's old dog crate and put in a little straw and gave them water. I took some of the adult chicken scratch, a little laying mash and some couscous and ground it all up in my coffee grinder and made chick food. Their enclosure stared out with cardboard around the edges so they could not escape through the bars, but last night this was changed to duct tape as the cardboard fell off and they did, in fact, try to squeeze through.

What is weird is we can't figure out who would have left 6 tiny chicks on our front porch.

Our older chickens have no interest, whatsoever, in the new babies. We hope they will reach pullet size soon and can be let out to roam like these two. But Ken wants to make sure they roost in the old chicken coop and not on the front porch like these two.

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