Sunday, June 28, 2009

Progress on sheep training

Tom will actually come when I call him (most of the time) and always when I shake the tin with the cookies in it. Here he is with his head almost in my lap. You can see the burrs on his cheeks and head. I pick a few every time I go in with them.

I have discovered he loves to have his chest scratched and almost swoons when I hit the right spot. Little by little, I'm getting the burry things out of his fleece.

Jerry remains a bit standoffish but he is coming in closer and closer for a cookie or two and when his guard is down, he has let me scratch him a bit under the jaw once or twice. He has also butted my hand a couple of times. I can see he is quite a character.

Here is Jerry pretending like he doesn't want another cookie.
And Jerry trying to avoid the camera. Don't you love his brown legs?

Here he is hiding behind Tom.

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