Friday, June 26, 2009

Burry bad

The boys have been here a week now. When I got home from work yesterday evening I went into the enclosure and called to them. Tom immediately answered with a "Maaaa" and came over to see me.

He wanted his animal crackers. Jerry tagged along and came fairly close, but he is still not sure about this whole human interaction thing. He is starting to realize, however, that Tom is getting more cookies, so he is almost taking the cookie from my fingers but not quite. I think another day or so... we will see.

But both lambs are COVERED in hitch hikers! Those little round and triangular shaped things that jump onto anything fuzzy that goes past.

The other day we had a sheep rodeo and caught both lambs, put them into harnesses and removed a lot of the hitch hikers but many remained and yesterday, I noted that everywhere we combed was once again covered. This is very bad for their fiber future and I'm going to have to figure out what plant is providing these culprits, remove them ALL and then get the boys to stand quietly and let me pick those dag gone things out of their fleeces. Yuck!

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