Saturday, November 17, 2007

I survived!

As if anyone had doubts....

The surgery went well, I think. Can't say I remember a whole lot about it. Just prior to going into the operating room I had a big argument with the anesthesiologist. I had insisted while at pre-op that it be noted very boldly on my chart that I was not to be given narcotic medications for pain (nothing opiate based). Well, that rules out a whole lot of common, cheap pain meds like Percocet, Darvocet, Oxycotin, morphine... etc. Guess what the anesthesiologist said, "But you must have these. The pain will be too great." I pointed out that this would be my fourth abdominal surgery and none of the previous ones had required opiates.

He wanted to know how that could be. I told him that I was awake for all the surgeries and they had used nerve blockers in my spine. He almost walked away, saying he would not work like that. I started to cry. I explained that I was recovering and did not want this stuff and I would relapse and die if they gave it to me.

Thankfully, I had agreed to be a guinea pig for the medical students. Two of them on the surgical team (Tina is the only name I remember) came over and talked to me about it a little. I had some hope when Tina said, "We need more people like you. It's okay. We will figure this out." They dragged out a PDR. They did some fast research. Finally, they found some pain meds that were not opiate based that they could use while I was asleep (I learned from the older anesthesiologist that you still feel pain even while unconscious). And I assured them I would be fine with Motrin and Tylenol afterwards. The older fellow still did not believe I would manage on Motrin and Tylenol after, but figured it was my call at that point and he agreed to try the new medications while I was out.

They did keep me over night. Turns out the surgery that should have lasted about 45 minutes took about 2 1/2 hours. The large fibroid tumor was MUCH bigger than they anticipated and was growing into my side. It took an hour to remove it. I did lose an ovary as the large tumor had basically eaten it. The other ovary was saved and appears to be fine. My uterus was removed. Cervix was saved. All the tumors and a bunch of scar tissue was removed. I'm hoping they sucked out some fat, too, but won't know until my follow up appointment on Monday.

All in all, the daVinci Robotic Assisted Laproscopic surgery went pretty darn well, I think. There is still some swelling and bruising and I have four holes in my stomach. My abdomen sags like I just gave birth (sure could use a tummy tuck). My ass and thighs are swollen and bruised from water retention (as are my ankles, hands and face to a lesser extent) but I'm peeing just fine and bowels are working, albeit with some grumbling. There is MUCH less pain than I have had with other surgeries. And I really like the glue.

Yep, I'm glued shut. There is no pulling from staples or stitches and while I have no idea how long this stuff stays on or how it comes off, I can even take a shower! It's very cool.

And I've been knitting. I sat up for too long yesterday I think and got kind of puffy around the middle again. But I'm going to try and walk a little more today. I might even venture outside for a bit. But I will still take a mid-day nap.

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La Duchesse said...

Congratulations. I hope you have a speedy recovery. :-)