Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

I find myself complaining a lot. It's a bad habit. So I want to take today (while the turkey is roasting) to list a few of the things I am very grateful for-- there is no particular order to this list:
  1. My health. Sometimes my body has given me fits but overall, it seems to work pretty well and I can still get up everyday and walk and do most of the things I want to do.
  2. My husband. It's very hard to explain what it means to know someone loves you and is willing to tolerate your foibles because they really enjoy being with you. And he does spoil me... and I know it.
  3. My children. If you didn't have kids and you just read my blog; you might think that I really don't like my kids very much. Sometimes I don't. I want them to be perfect. I hate to see their faults. But I am grateful that they are in my life because there are moments when they do fill me joy; there are times when I learn how to be a better person because of what they do. I have certainly grown up myself because I wanted to be a good mother and had to take that high road to set the right example for them.
  4. My home. I've been "that close" to being homeless and so while there are times when the leaky roof and the failed septic make me nuts (and broke); I almost can't imagine living anywhere else. This is a special place.
  5. My friends. I honestly believe there are more people in my life today than ever in my whole life who would take me in if I did become homeless, come and take care of me if my immediate family couldn't, feed me, listen to me, let me cry on their shoulders and who show up if I have a party. It's really cool and 10 years ago I can honestly say there was only one person I could think of who would do that for me. Today there are about 20! (maybe more).
  6. My job. My job is important. I am trusted to do my best work. I get to contribute to something that I really believe might allow my input to create a difference. Sometimes the difference is small. Sometimes I will never personally know about the difference I make. BUT I know in my heart that I make a difference.
  7. My experiences with the Goddess. Unless you've been there, there isn't much I can explain about this but I truly know and have had personal interaction with my Goddess and I am so, very fortunate to have been blessed in this way.
  8. My financial status. Let's just say I'm not rich and I ain't poor. I can pay my bills and can splurge on nice things from time to time and that makes me feel very contented. It hasn't always been that way and being poor really sucks and I plan never to get in a situation where the creditors are calling and I'm subsisting on donations again. At the same time, I'm grateful that I had that experience because I really do understand what it means to be hungry, nearly homeless and feeling very, very desperate.
  9. My parents. They taught me right from wrong and acted as very good role models and I'm grateful that they knew when to put their feet down and when to let me go forth and beat my own head on the wall.
  10. My curiosity. I am nosy. I love to learn stuff. I know what a joy it can be to figure out how to do something and make something work. I pity the folks who find learning to be dull and not worth their effort for their lives must be eternally boring and I'm glad I'm not one of them.
What are 10 things you are grateful for?

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