Wednesday, October 03, 2007

He's home!

Well, my soldier boy is a soldier no more and he got home yesterday.

He did have some misadventures in the Army. I'm hoping he has learned from his mistakes, and from his successes.

Moving forward. For this week no decisions are being made. He is considering a variety of possibilities. For now at least, I think he is going to stay on the East Coast. He is thinking of these possibilities:
  • attending the local community college
  • finding a part-time job (or perhaps a full-time job)
  • going to live with his older brother in Pennsylvania and getting a job up there or going to school there
  • something else entirely

After this week, he will be tasked with finding a job at the very least or getting stuff together to go to school starting in the next term.

He still doesn't drive. We will have to figure out what it's going to take for him to get a driver's license. At least he is 18 now and can do much of this stuff on his own.

If he lives here for longer than a month, we will have to give back a bedroom. Right now he is in with Matthew.

Personally, I vote for moving my fiber stuff downstairs, moving all the camping stuff out into the trailer (that's happening anyway), getting rid of all the other junk in the front guest room and making that my studio/fiber storage room.

I like my little room upstairs, but just the fact that is is upstairs makes me feel like I'm far away from everyone. And when Ken is asleep during the day, I am afraid I will wake him if I am doing something noisy in my little room.

Yep, I think the junk needs to go, the fiber needs to come downstairs and the guestroom/maybe John's room can become the little one that used to be Matt's room.

I wonder if I can recruit a couple of girlfriends to help me make this happen?


Vykky said...

Hi Cate, we have too many things in common to not be friends! My dear daughter has returned home part-time, for a while. I'm learning more of the Pagan ways and have lived in your area. (Been thru Tappahanock and Warsaw too many times!) I was a PO for years and a cop for a bit on the Eastern Shore of MD. There's more but I'm blown away and will stop here - for now. LOL!
Positive energy for us both as we knit and learn and read and's all good!

DJ said...

Hi Cate, in answer to your question that you left on my blog:
I use the 'magic 28' principle for most of my charity socks. 28 sts., 28 rounds, heel flap/turn/gusset, 28 rounds from gusset pick-up to beginning of toe decreases. I vary that using 32 st/36 sts/40 sts and so on. Always using the same number of rounds in the cuff and foot as I have cast-on sts. Oh, heel flap on half of sts and number of rows equal to half of cast-on number or there-abouts. That's the quick and dirty of it. let me know if I can clairfy anything. HTH
sewlady003 at yahoo dot com