Sunday, September 23, 2007

A philosophy for life

I like this guy's approach to life. It reminds me very much of things my grandfather used to say. And I have found it to be very true in my own life.

Here is a quote from KnitterMan who is apparently in the midst of a struggle just now:

"...there is a spiritual principle in the Universe that has to do with times of stress and times of need. I have a choice to either get sucked into my own situation (and the inevitable downward spiral into doom-and-gloom negativity and depression), OR I can put my focus on the needs of others, create something positive for them, and thereby open the flow again for positive response in my own direction. Serving others is ALWAYS a positive release-valve. When you need something, give something away. Very simple (not complex) AND very easy (not hard to do). I have a very large and immediate need, and I’ve done all I can do (for now) on my own behalf (at least until Monday). So all I can do is turn my attention aside and press forward to help others."

He is in the middle of making a comfort shawl for a woman who is suffering from cancer. At the same time he is apparently financially very strapped. He makes really nice yarn. Dyes it himself I believe. Might just have to buy some. Never hurts to bring goods made by positive people into my home.


LunarAwe said...

Happy Equinox! May today bring great balance.

Also, I've tagged you.

Anonymous said...

WSHS Class of 1977 will be having our 30-year-reunion on October 19, 2007. We will tailgate before the homecoming game against TC Williams, then have a section for watching the game, then gather at Mike's American Grill after the game. PLEASE email those classmates you've kept up with to pass this on. Also, please give the reunion committee your email address by writing to us at See you there!