Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mead Meister

Well, I've almost finished my second felted figure. Part of his innards and his "skin" came from a kit I purchased from Taryn... the instructions for making the face and hands came in very handy. What's cool about these little guys is that no matter how closely you try to follow the directions, he or she will come out completely unique.

Ken named him the "Mead Meister" when I propped him up by wrapping his arm around a wine bottle. All he's missing is a glass in his hand (or perhaps a drinking horn or beer stein...I'll have to think on this).

In any case, here are photos:

Front and back pictures. "T" may recognize the hat from a felting workshop she gave.

Here is a closeup of his face. Surprisingly, from just a slight distance, the fuzziness is hardly noticeable.

My favorite picture. This reminds me a whole lot of the top of my beloved's head... in any case, the hat does come off. Isn't he cute?
Ken believes there are people out there who would pay to have this little guy (complete with empty wine/mead bottle and a mug (glass or horn... depending upon what I make for him).

I want to make a bunch of these folks. I plan to make the following:
  • A little lady spinning (drop spindle)
  • An elf
  • A fairy
  • A Santa
  • A guitar player (or maybe mandolin, or perhaps both)
  • A witch (of course)
  • A blacksmith
  • A knitter
  • A student

I'm sure other ideas will come with time.

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Taryn said...

Very Cool!

I am working on my dragon. It is looking good.