Friday, September 21, 2007

Wonky computer

I got into Ravelry on Monday evening when I got home from work. I was so excited!

I logged in and I realized this was really a very cool set up and decided to add some of my works in progress (wips). I got the pictures to upload through Flikr and everything was okay... but the pictures just weren't showing up on my computer. There were large expanses of white space. Nice for the eye but not what it was supposed to be.

My computer has had some weirdness issues ever since I had eye surgery and turned on something in accessibility and the type faces got really big and ... well, I got most of that straightened out but there were always some small elements that just would not show up. I have never figured out how to return the whole computer to my pre-eye surgery days. And since I could not afford a new computer, I've just lived with it.

But I wanted to see the pictures and the rating scales and a few other neat things that I KNEW were there but just could not see. So I went in and started messing with things inside again. No luck.

Finally Ken decided that I probably needed to reload Windows. We almost lost the computer altogether at that point because I accidently loaded the Windows disk from Matthew's computer and the whole thing locked up! Aaarrrgghhh! I panicked. All of my photos were in there. I could live without most everything else (although my resume would be nice to save, I guess). It's not like I'm writing a book or anything.

But Ken was able to get into the thing using DOS (talk about dark ages) and got it running again. The correct Windows disk was used but I still cannot see the pictures in Ravelry or the rankings or some other neat features.

I can see them on Ken's computer and Matthew's. Just not mine.

So I'm campaigning for a new computer. This one is old (by computer world standards). It's at least 3 years old. Ken's is seven so he has me beat but he has upgraded everything several times. And he got a new game on Tuesday that will not run on his computer and there is no way to further upgrade his... sohe wants to buy a new one.

I suggested we beg for a bulk purchase deal and just order five new computers (one for each of the family members); call Christmas done; and roll on and pay them all off over the next two years.... he vetoed that notion.

His is actually older than mine but has more ram and better video cards and just runs better. I'm wondering if there is a way to use our in-house network, transfer all the pictures and stuff I want to save over to his computer (I know there is I just have to sit down and do it), then switch my hosed-up computer out and take his and then he can order a new one for himself.

That would solve my problem and his.

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Barbara said...

that's what we do every time my darling needs a new laptop for work. She's a consultant - so it's a work expense for her - and I get the 2 year old one.

She also just bought a 500 gig stand alone hard drive for not very much and we moved all the photos and files to it and then networked it to the rest of the computers in the house.

That's cool too.