Sunday, July 15, 2007

Productive Weekend

Last weekend I got a lot done.

I finished this:
Two skeins of hand painted 100% merino fiber that I bought in December. Sockweight in my mind... may be DK in reality but very nice. Got 384 yards on one and 244 in the other. There is a third skein laying across the top of about 80 yards from the odd bits left over on one bobbin that I Navajo Plyed. Not real thrilled with the ply on the third small skein, but knitted up, it would probably be okay. To be honest, I finished the first skein before we went to the beach, but I finished the roving this weekend.
I started this:
4 ounces of teal colored merino/silk that I bought at The Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia in Montpelier in October. Going for lace weight. The arrow points to the thread. This is the thinnest I've ever gotten consistently on the wheel. I know it is a little overtwisted at this point. I'm hoping that when I spin up the other half (And this is just a little bit of the first half) and ply the two together I will get a nice yarn in lace weight. I started with about 4 oz of fiber. Might be enough once spun out, to make a lace scarf.

I knitted these:
Well, I really just added a couple of more tiny baskets to the collection. I really need to concentrate on this project and get it done before Hoot. If someone is interested in directions (can't really call it a pattern) let me know and I'll post it.

I nearly finished this:
A cigarette/lighter/cellphone bag to go with my friend's horn cozy. I just need to finish another foot or so of I-cord. Might get it done tonight.

The sea blue bamboo baby blanket for the baby due in October. She/he best not come too early or this won't be ready. The color in this is just wonderful and I love the way the fabric feels knitted up. It's actually a bit small at this point. After I finish this skein (the 2nd of 4), I think I will start out around the edges and make a border in garter stitch that will be perpendicular to the garter stitch there now...or maybe a very simple lace.

... while waiting for Matt to finish flirting with girl who is much too young for him, worked on the toe-up purple socks.

I also washed this:
1.5 pounds of white alpaca. It might weigh less now with all/most of the dust washed out. This is gorgeous stuff. It's even nicer than the grey. The alpaca lady who shared this (and about 10 other pounds of various alpaca and llama fiber) has disappeared! I tried to call her to get her address so I could mail her the first sample skein from the grey alpaca and the phone was disconnected. So my friend who hooked us up, walked down to her home only to discover it had been rented out to other folks and she and her family were gone with no forwarding address. How's that for weird? I'm going to put aside her sample skeins just in case she re-appears but I'm sort of perplexed by her disappearance.

She told me their alpaca farm was near Farmville (one of my neices goes to Longwood and she said she was located near there). She has about 20 alpaca and a llama. Her name is Heather. If anyone should know who she is and can let her know I'm looking for her... please help me out here. I owe her a bunch of spun yarn and want to live up to my end of the bargain.

But now I'm having a glass of iced tea.


Marmee said...

My goodness, you get a ton done!! I am so very impressed. And you do such wonderful work! Just awesome.

Leigh said...

Hi. I haven't visited your blog in awhile and thought I'd drop by for a visit. What a lot of wonderful photos and projects! I wish I could be this productive in a weekend.

Sherri said...

I'm a Heathen spinner/knitter from Indiana. I found your blog via a Google search for spinning yarn for magical purposes. I love the purple merino in the top photos!

Would you please post the pattern for the little bowls? I'm thinking they might be fun to knit up and sell at our local Pagan Pride Day.