Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tiny Baskets

Ken and I were handfasted (married for regular folks) back in September of 2000. We had a whole flock of guests come and visit at the house and some even camped out. We had so much fun, we opened the invitation list and hosted 35 people camped out in our back yard (rented porto-potties and borrowed a solar shower) for a weekend the following August. Since then, we've expanded and moved our base of operations to a nearby campground and thus the Hoot-n-Any was born.
We have been Blessed by having many friends who enjoy camping in a sauna every year and from this event have evolved even more. And our core group, "Owl's Nest" was hatched. These 30 or so folks pitch in every year without complaint and take care of tons of hot, sweaty, tedious work to make sure the Hoot goes off with a minimum of hitches (gotta have at least one small hitch somewhere or it wouldn't be a campout).

Years ago I started making small gifts for everyone as a thank you. Last year I purchased gifts and it just didn't feel right. So I'm back to creating things.

One year I crocheted washclothes. Another year I potted up herbs from my gardens. Yet another year there was a gift of homemade incense. It varies.

This year I'm knitting things. Small things mind you. I've made about 6 of them so far. Fortunately, they knit up pretty quickly. And inside each one is a small gift from Ken.

They are cute. They are quick. They are very easy and best of all, I'm using up very small bits of stash for each one.

Here's a picture of what we have so far. Aren't they Fey?

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rita said...

those are wonderful...anyone would love to get one.