Sunday, July 29, 2007

I may not get far

There is a big storm brewing outside. It probably is really just one of those passing thunderstorms but I have my fingers crossed that it will bring us some rain.

I have not missed the humidity this summer and a short rain shower the other day with temperatures in the 80s reminded me of how HOT humidity made things feel. The 90 degree temps earlier in the day before the rain spits did not feel as hot.

Did not do much knitting or spinning this past week. By the time I got home from work I was very tired and went to bed early. This weekend (even though I did spin for about 2 hours yesterday morning and an hour this morning) have been spent on kids stuff and preparing for our campout next week.

Ken's daughter, Michelle was pinned yesterday at a nice graduation ceremony. She is now officially and LPN. She hopes to continue her education and complete the RN program. I can think of nothing better for her. Of the 36 people who started the program only 11 graduated. It's either a very hard program or folks who went into it came to realise that it takes a very special person to be a nurse. In any case, I'm very proud of Michelle. This is a huge accomplishment for her.

My son Wes had his birthday on the 11th and I have yet to mail his gift. Turns out it is just as well that I waited as his fiance's employer was raided by the police and shut down (a financial lending agency for whom she was a loan agent... but just a lackey so she is not in trouble) but they have failed to pay her last paycheck so they are really strapped right now.

Haven't heard a word from my soldier. Worried that he may be kicked out of the Army. Something happened more than he is telling me on that little 5-day escapade when he and another young man went AWOL in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Three weeks ago he said he was going to have to have a hearing with the base commander. Not a good thing,

My youngest is driving me crazy. Normal teenaged nonsense. Went into a house down the street that was under construction and got caught by the homeowners. We had serious discussions about what it means to break and enter even when there are no locks on the doors or in some cases, even doors in the frames. You just don't go nosing around in other people's houses! Fortunately, the home owner was very kind and understanding.

Ken's eldest son is waiting for word on a transfer from Idaho to Virginia and his youngest has recently moved from Idaho to Oregon!

Found out the strange noise in the wall behind the water heater was not an electrical issue at all but a water leak and there is a broken pipe inside the wall. So as of noon today, I have no water in the house at all as we had to turn off the pump. Plumber comes out tomorrow to fix it (I hope).

Good thing I'm on vacation this coming week.

Best get off before we lose power as well with this storm coming in.

And my husband wonders why I feel so tired?

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