Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Beyond Hot

I work in an office all day that requires that I wear either a jacket or sweater because the air conditioning is cranked up so low that there is frosted condensation on the windows.

It was over 100 degrees outside today with a heat index of 110. I left my office and came home to an un-airconditioned house. My son and his friend (who is from Pennsylvania and staying with us until the end of the month) were home all day. The bedrooms have air conditioning. The down stairs where the television, telephone and computer reside is not. Neither boy likes to read for pleasure (or any other reason). Both are active physically -- one is on track team, the other is a skateboarder.

They were suffering. They are still suffering.

We ate tuna salad sandwiches for dinner because I could not bear to turn on the stove.

I got out of my work clothes (a short sleeved shirt and long pants) and put on a sleeveless top that I have rolled up under my boobs to expose my middle and wrapped a sarong around my waist. I'm sweating so badly right now, my fingers are sticking to the keys.

Our campout went well last week and it was actually pretty cool for the first week of August. I'm just glad we didn't have the campout THIS week because we all would have DIED!

I got my new tattoo and will show it to you soon. Too hot just now to fool around with a camera.

It's 8:26 p.m. and hotter than it was when I got home I think. So it's time to go to my bedroom and knit.

It it possible to lose weight just by sweating? And if so, why do my hands and feet swell up so badly when I get hot?

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