Sunday, April 22, 2007

Outdoor spinning

If you spin and you haven't gone outside with your wheel or spindle on a beautiful Spring day, please do yourself a favor and do it.

Yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m. I carried my wheel (very carefully) down the stairs and out the front door. I sat on my front porch (because I don't have a back porch) and worked on the alpaca fiber project.

Time flew.

I set a timer because I was also cooking dinner.

I got up every 30 minutes or so. Once I fed the birds. Once I got up to fill the hummingbird feeder (they are back and I got buzzed by one hungry one yesterday). A couple of times I checked on the roast. Once I cut up sweet potatoes and put them on to simmer. I also put together a low fat no-bake cheesecake and stuck it in the freezer.

None of that is in the order I did it...but I did manage to do all that between the early afternoon and 6 p.m. when I finished plying two bobbins together.
Here is a view from my front porch.

I think I did very well, as I completed one bobbin of singles and plyed the two together and fixed a nice meal in 3 hours. The first bobbin took me two weeks of snatches of spinning minutes here and there.

And sitting on the front porch meant I got to hear the birds singing (I'm convinced they were singing for me because I fed them). I got to look at the beautiful flowers in the garden. I got a little sunlight on my skin. It really was a lovely afternoon.

Matt came home with his friend, Joey, around 3 but disappeared into the house to work on homework since they wanted to go to a play in the evening and weren't going anywhere until the work was done.

Ken rolled in from his granddaughter's 12th birthday party around 5. He wanted to know why the wheel was down on the porch. Watching me work for a while, I think he understood because it was very pleasant for the two of us to sit there on the porch, sipping beer and wine and chatting while I spun.

The finished skein measured out to 196 yards. I used about half the "Fancy" alpaca fiber. I plan to weigh it after it is dry. Then I have to call Heather and get her address because this first skein is hers.

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