Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hump Day Already

I am so out of sorts with my spinning just now.

My friend T, one of the ladies I addicted to spinning last summer, gave me a really darling spindle from Fox Den Fiber Arts. This one is stamped with an owl and is really nice. See this page. I got a small one of the owl. T bought herself a larger version with the owl.

I have a large, plain spindle by the same maker which I love for plying. This new one is purple (always a plus) and has two notches (unlike the larger version which has none.). Both are made from polymer clay. And I can tell that this spindle maker is just getting better and better as the quality, while very good before, is top notch in this newer spindle.

And it spins forever! She has it marked at 20.5 grams but it might be a lighter. I will have to weigh it after I get the current spinning off of it. But I can spin really really fine with it.

What was fun was to see the work T has been doing. This is truly one of those cases in which the student has far out paced the teacher. She is spinning professional level stuff and lots of it. I'm so proud!

Now we just have to get her making more stuff with her yarn.

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