Friday, February 02, 2007

I wanna make these

I have resisted making fingerless gloves. I just couldn't see the point. My fingers are what suffer when I go outside in the cold. I want mittens. I keep saying I'm going to make myself mittens. I have even purchased yarn for two sets of mittens. I just haven't made them yet.

Maybe after I finish :
  1. My sister's hat
  2. My green sweater that probably won't fit
  3. My lace scarf from spindle spun brick red (nearly done)
  4. My lace shawl in white
  5. My red socks (I've got two more rows of the gusset to finish on the first sock)
I'm also supposed to be making another hat for my son's friend, Niko. I think I'm putting that one off until the kid learns some manners. And Matt wants another hat in reversed colors to the one he has and John's friend, Stevie wants a hat, too.

But I just a found a really cute pattern for Picot Edged Fingerless Mitts and I really think they are cute and I can see myself wearing these in the office in the morning when the heater isn't quit awake yet and the arthritis in my knuckles is "aching me".

I think I may be a bit ADD when it comes to knitting.

We won't discuss the spinning right now but I got some cool stuff going on Eleanor right now and I'm very happy with how it's coming out. Pictures soon.

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The Spindling Scot said...

Make fingerless mitts to go under the mittens...fabulous!