Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yarn shortage!

My sister's hat is coming along. I'm about halfway through knitting this hat for my sister in Colorado... the one that is going to be a Made in Virginia.

You can see I've made good progress.

You can also see I'm nearly out of yarn!

I have a couple of ounces of the Alpaca left. I have a nearly limitless supply of the Rambouillet but it will require more washing and carding and prep.

So I have learned a lesson. Worsted yarn takes up more fiber AND doesn't go as far when it comes to knitting because it's easier to spin it finer and finer means you use smaller needles and so you get less square yardage per linear yardage.

I think it also interesting in the knitting process, I'm beginning to think I actually like the fabric better inside out. What do you think?

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