Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting and other activities

I did vote today. Waiting now to find out the results. Virginia by exit polls is very close. Actual returns at this point (9 p.m.) show Allen winning. NOTE: By 4:35 a.m. Webb was winning but all the votes are not yet in.

In the meantime, I went back to the prison today for my class. My co-workers threw me a potluck lunch. It really was nice. They also gave me a gift of some money... I think I'll buy a messenger bag or briefcase. Or maybe some yarn for a sweater....

Started a hat for my step granddaughter. I think I will give it a white stripe.

Collected a bunch of little sampler balls so I can see how various colors looked with this maroon color.
Some are handspun. Some are not.

Noticed that my cactus had bloomed.

And remembered to water the plants.

Cleaned house this morning.

Need to go buy a grey jacket tomorrow and sign some paperwork at my new job. I also need to take some food to the women's shelter. Folks in my group (The Owl's Nest) donated canned goods and food for the shelter in honor of Samhain. I need to get it delivered.

Still trying to figure out how I want to knit my mittens. I have the yarn. Its a blend of Alpaca, wool and silk. Just need to get going on them.

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