Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Midnight Oil

Seems like everything wakes me in the night these days. I rarely get through an entire night without interruption. And once I'm up. I'm up.

Woke up at 3:30 because one of the dogs thought she heard something outside and barked. Once. I was awake.

Let the dogs out and decided to wait for them to come back or I would just have to get up again. Little one came back first (as always). Two big ones came back about 20 minutes later.

But now I'm wide awake. And now it's 4:29 a.m. Part of me is saying: "Go back to bed, silly, get at least another hour of sleep." Another part of me is saying, "It's not worth it. Make some coffee and let's do something productive. You can nap later."

Well, I know from experience that the second part is lying about the nap. And I know the first one is being overly optimistic and I will probably just lay there and toss and turn.

I think I'll give it a few more minutes and see how I feel then.

I packaged up the mini-sock yesterday, put it in the car and forgot to mail it. I will try to drop it by the postoffice today. Here's a pix of the tiny thing. Ken wanted to know who was having a baby (and a premmie at that). I assured him there were no more babies in our future anytime soon (including grandbabies)... at least none that I know about.

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