Thursday, November 02, 2006

Current Projects

Here are pictures of my WIPs.

First is half the yarn spun for the Mini-Sock Exchange. I will spin the rest of it tonight and tomorrow then get to knitting it over the weekend. It's due by November 19th but I better get done early just in case. I used my new Bosworth Spindle. I finally got the hook tweeked in the right direction so was able to get rid of the wobble I was experiencing. I suspect it was dropped and knocked out of whack at one point before I bought it. But it's working fine now. It holds a half ounce of singles spun at this weight: 8 to 10 WPI.

The second is the hat I'm making for Nicole. This is a friend of my son's. So far I have knit one hat for Matt in black and oatmeal. One for Patrick (another friend) in black and white. One for my nephew to match Matt's, only smaller. And now I'm doing this one for Nicole. Hers is in black and "Tulip". All the hats use Knit Picks Wool of the Andeas. I'm using just under one skein of black and and a bit of scrap for the stripe. Eventually, I will have enough little bits from all the black skeins to make a whole hat.

The third item is the ongoing saga of the Crazy Scarf. I'm on the second to last ball of yarn and I think I'm about halfway done as far as where I want the length. It was confirmed this weekend that any young lady into Punk will like this scarf as it is bizarre and random and totally unique and totally unnatural. Fortunately, I have a bunch of the fiber still left to spin.

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Having a Knit Fitt said...

Hi Cate,
You asked about the socks on my blog. They are knit from Trekking XXL. It is available from The Yarn Lounge in Richmond. There are quite a few colorways and all are beautiful.