Sunday, November 19, 2006

New project started and some still going on

I left my red sock, granddaughter's hat and shetland wool spinning at work over the weekend. I didn't mean to. My brain is just feeling a bit overloaded just now. Lots of new lingo to learn and new rules and regs to learn.

So, to stay busy (and avoid as much housework as possible) I carded up a whole bunch of the dark brown fleece. It's still a bit greasy and while my hands are very soft, I will have to wash this finished yarn in very hot (boiling) soapy water. I want to 2 ply it I think. At least I'm going to think about a 2 ply. In the meantime I'm going to spin up a bunch of singles. My hands are very soft from the lanolin. I'm still picking out vegetable matter (VM). There are still some second cuts, but I'm getting better at recognizing and picking those out too.

I will try to take a picture of the basket full of rolags and post it here when I get a chance.

I have started a cute little tee-shirt tea pot cozy for my mother-in-law. I hope I get it done in time to mail to her for Christmas. I found the pattern in the Spin-It Magazine. I'm making it in a dark brown/gold cotton yarn that I bought in a cone (I think it was a 2 pound cone). Eventually, I will also make myself a shell out of this stuff. I need to find the right pattern.

The crazy scarf continues... and continues ... and continues... I have a tiny bit of one ball and a whole small one left. I want to finish the scarf on the grey color then make fringe. I will probably end up spinning up a bit of the left over wool (I have about 2 ounces of this Koolaid colored disaster left). Once completed, I plan to give the leftovers it to a friend who I hooked on spinning but doesn't have the resources to buy a lot of wool.

I'm excited as one of my dear friends called yesterday to tell me about her local spinning resource and told me that her resource was a Kromski dealer. I told her that I THOUGHT Ken was thinking about getting me a wheel for Yule and that she really needed to be talking to him. They had a fairly lengthy and serious discussion and he took down notes from their conversation and lamented out loud at the $30 jump in the cost in the last month. So I think I may really, actually be getting a wheel! How cool is that?

Having a bunch of folks over for the Thanksgiving Weekend. I may be sorry I didn't do more cleaning but I will run the vacuum and hit the bathroom before they all arrive on Friday and the house is still reasonably clean since Samhain, so I don't feel too bad.

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