Saturday, November 18, 2006

Brain Death, Sheep and Other Weirdness

First of all I've come to the conclusion that I really do have brain damage left over from the Lyme Disease Incident from a few years ago. I left my little purple bag of knitting at work over the weekend.

The hat I've been working on for my step-granddaughter is in that bag and my red socks and the shetland spinning.

I would just go by and pick it up but I'm not confident that I know the security system well enough to turn it off without having the police show up, so I'll just wait until Monday.

In the meantime, I'm carding the fleece at an amazingly slow rate and totally enjoying spinning it... neps and all. By the time I'm done with this whole fleece I will be much better at evaluating a fleece and purchasing quality. As it is, all the second cuts I can pick out are going into a shoe box and I may have to learn to do needle felting as a result.

Ken is apparently (based on demanded information about the wheel I want) ordering me a spinning wheel for Yule. Don't know if it will be a finished one or if he plans to finish it. We are both a bit alarmed at the price jump in spinning wheels since I first did my research just a couple of months ago. A Kromski Symphony (the wheel of my dreams) was $465.00 a month ago including shipping finished in walnut or mahogany. As of yesterday it was $499.00 unfinished. How annoying is that!

Ken has also confiscated my credit cards and told me that I must not order more roving/wool/fleeces until I have spun up all that I have. Fair enough for I have quite a bit. He was only half joking when he suggested that I order a sheep (or small flock) instead. I told him I would be happy to do this, but one ewe would be very unhappy by herself and pointed out that if we fenced in the entire yard (about 3/4 of an acre surrounding the house) that we could get about four sheep. We would have to fence them out of the veggie and flower and herb gardens but that could be done, too. He has no idea that I am very serious about getting a small flock eventually.

I would like very much for us to get a few more acres of land -- with luck, it would be adjascent to what we currently own. He could retire and start his own business raising herbs in the greenhouse and marketing fleece and perhaps lambs for meat. It could work.

But I wonder if perhaps aliens have actually just kidnapped my husband and replaced him with a pawn.

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