Monday, November 27, 2006

Missing pictures & lace

I took the photos for the last post. Honest!

The camera recorded everything very nicely. But when I took the disc out of the camera (I'm using a Sony FD Mavica that uses floppy discs) and put it in the PC, the PC refused to recognize the disc and claims it hasn't been formatted. I put it back in the camera and the photos are there and the camera recognizes the disc.

I'm going to try again with a different disc and see what happens. Maybe I will ask for a new camera for my birthday in June. Until then, I have to find a way to make this thing work.

In other news, I finished the crazy scarf. At least I think I did. It does not currently have fringe. It's sitting here whining for fringe, so I think I will have to spin up a little more of this weird stuff (I may just stick to the b&w fiber as it's nicer) and make some fringe.

I have also started a lace scarf for one of my mothers (either my mil or my mom). I think it will depend on when I get it finished. I had planned on doing a teapot cozy for my mil but that's going to take longer than I thought (perhaps for her birthday). Or I may just go out and buy her something. I will have to see what kind of progress I make on it this week.

In any case, the lace thing is really addictive. Reminds me a little of a crossword puzzle as you put it down, and it just sort of crawls back into your lap. And I made very visible progress yesterday... from nothing to nearly 8 inches on the Tiger Eye scarf. I even figured out a little boo-boo in the chart.

On line 8, just before you get to the central YO, it should be k2tog rather than a regular knit.

I'm making it out of singles I spun from the brick colored roving. I'm very pleased with how this is coming out and may have to make it again in a different color (maybe that pretty teal merino and tencel braid I picked up at FFF).

I have only two more hats to finish before Yule for the various children in my life, then I get to make something for my dad. I'm beginning to worry that I'm going to have to go purchase something as time is getting very short.

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