Monday, November 27, 2006

Meads in progress

Nobody showed up for the Third Annual Mead Making Workshop this past weekend.

Sounds depressing doesn't it? But it was all good. I got two meads started all by myself without input from anyone so I really will be able to claim (or disclaim) them as mine. And my house is clean and I have food enough to feed the family for a week without having to go back to the store except to replenish the milk on, or about, Wednesday.

One mead is the elderberry.

The other is Pineapple with Mint.

Both of these are in 3 gallon carboys so hopefully, they will both come out well and be consumed without too much complaint or delay. Depending on how well they bubble along, I hope to rack them in February then again in May and finally bottle in July. That means they should be ready to drink starting in October.

I was going to do a repeat of the Rosemay Mead but got so involved in knitting lace that I lost track of time. I seem to do a lot of that with the knitting.


QoE said...

If there weren't 20 hours of driving between us, I would have been there in a flash. Sounds like a lot of fun. I used to brew my own beer until a whole batch disappeared. Four teenage sons and no one knows anything. Yes, I let them grow up and they are fine adults now ;-D
Cathy in MN

~Sherie~ said...

Making your own mead? That sounds great! I had some mead in Ireland and it was yummy!

Judy said...

Mead, yum, wish I'd been there! I made my own alcoholic cider and stout (Guinness taste alike) a month ago. Should be bottling soon :-)