Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fiber, Credit and New Job

I received a really nice package in the mail yesterday with some Shetland Roving. It's really nice in a sweet silver/grey color. I can see where it might end up being a little on the scratchy side. I've been spoiled to this point with Corridale, Ramboullett and Merinos. I'm thinking there may be enough (just) to make a lacey vest. But there may be just enough to spin out a lace weight and make a table topper for the altar. I'll have to see how it spins up.

In any case, it will be my last fiber order for a while. Ken is convinced that I have run up all the credit cards on wool. It isn't true. I've bought a lot of new clothes and shoes and Yule gifts. I'm using my debit card for the yarn and wool orders. But I PROMISED him I will pay off the JC Penney's card and the Pebbles card with my first paycheck from the new job before the interest kicks in on both cards (I have 90 days interest free).

The new job is going to be interesting to say the least and with the training, holidays and the pilot program back at the prison that I"m committed to until January... time is going to be very tight. The others are anxious for me to be up and running ASAP but scheduled office visits for December for me without knowing my schedule. So, today, I will be rescheduling all those appointments.

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