Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Tink vs The Frog

A funny discussion is just getting underway on the Socks for Soldiers Group and our fearless leader "Sarge Kim" responded to a member's question about what was meant by tinking and frogging. She responded with this:

"Frogging is the act of a totally hysterical knitter who has totally flipped out because a mistake was made some 6 inches down and said knitter is screaming and cursing their knitting project and yanking the needles off the knitting violently "ripping" miles at a time, leaving piles of tangled yarn in a lifeless pool on the floor...All those standing nearby are contemplating whether to call 911 or the guys in white coats...

Tinking, on the other hand, is the systematical, methodical undoing of a mistake one stitch at a time, undoing the loop in each stitch, by taking the knitting needle under the prior knitted stitch, removing the loop, while slipping said stitch on the needle, then going to the next. It is done with quiet demure and serenity- a quiet resignation.....

And.....The keen observer can analyze immediately many things about your personality by which method you choose.
Now.....which kind of knitter are you???? Anyone care to confess????"


Well, I must be a tinker because I am utterly terrified of frogging. I mean, if the problem is a dropped stitch five rows back (and it usually is a dropped stitch that far or farther back), why would I risk dropping far more stitches by NEVER being able to find all the ones I just deliberately pulled off the needles!? I would rather back up, stitch by stitch -- even in a moving car -- than frog.

And quite frankly, if the dropped stitch is far enough back, I'll live with it and darn the hole later.

Yes, shoddy workmanship, I know. But we're talking about my sanity here.

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