Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I really hate it when this happens. It's now 5:15 a.m.. I woke up at 4:20 a.m. from a bad dream about camping in a hurricane.

It was one of those weird dreams in which no one got hurt but no one was happy either and I was very, very anxious.

I think I'm nervous about going camping this week. We leave Thursday for Gathering of the Tribes in Isle of Wight County (Blackwater Campground) and plan, at this point, on coming home on Monday. Hurricane Ernest0 is coming our way and will be over Virginia on Friday night and Saturday. How lovely.

I'm not worried about getting wet. Despite rumors to the contrary, witches do not melt in the rain. But I hate wind. I think growing up in Fort Worth, Texas where we elementary students were subjected to tornado drills as opposed to fire drills, really put an unhealthy fear of wind in my heart.

I'm worse than the dogs. I can handle lightening. I don't mind heavy downpours. But I will literally tremble when a high wind is blowing outside my house. If the winds are up AT ALL by the time Ernesto reaches us, I will be huddled in my tent, under a table, pushing out a bubble of energy to ward off falling trees.

Thankfully, we will arrive at the campground on Thursday and can batten down real good. We won't leave until Monday when, hopefully, some of the mud will have settled.

Pictures from Last Post:

For some reason, Blogger will not let me add pictures to the last post. So here you go.

The first (very bad photo) is of the brick colored yarn spun at the Fair with the little dime tucked in there to give you size perspective. The second shows the color a little more accurately though I think it a tad more purple than that.

I got 34.6 yards (.5 oz) out of this. I spun more over the weekend and got 62.2 yards. I'm thinking of plying this together and should get a nice worsted weight for Mittens. I have quite a bit more of the fiber to spin up. (About 11 more ounces)

Hopefully, there will be enough for a pair of mittens from this color alone. But if not, I have some other fiber of the same type in a slightly different colorway which might make a nice stripe. Or I may just use some commercially made moss green yarn as a contrast color.

In any case, while I really like my toy wheel spindle and my heavier fimo clay spindle, I really need one that is light but which will hold more yarn. October is coming and so is the Virginia Fiber Festival at Montpelier in Orange County. I suspect I will be able to find a "real" spindle there.

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