Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Storm camping

Okay, yes.

We are all utterly mad.

And we are leaving tomorrow for Isle of Wight to go camping under the rains of Earnesto.

There are 11 of us. Four kids and six adults all camping at Gathering of the Tribes over the Labor Day Weekend. We leave tomorrow and come home on Monday. Earnesto should pass over Virginia on Friday night.

We went down last Saturday and put up some tarps and tents (which will be nice because we won't have to do it tomorrow). We will re-enforce everything tomorrow and lash down stuff better and hang sides off the tarps to keep blowing rain out. We will probably also dig a directional drain ditch across the top of the campsite to redirect the run off from the hill so we don't have a river running THROUGH the campsite.

But we are going to be wet.

We are also going to have a proper high tea on Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. for anyone who wants to venture out from their own campsite and come visit a dry one.

I'm taking all my current knitting products: Matt's hat, the BBSs and my red socks. I'm also taking some spinning stuff -- about a pound's worth. I really want to get enough stuff spun to knit a whole project.

I have almost finished plying the cream and purple sport weight. I might have enough to make something with it. It's very nice stuff. I'm very happy with it.

Plying with the spindle is hard on my left shoulder. Not murderous, mind you, but I definitely feel it for a few hours afterwards and I find I have to take a Tylenol. Arthritis really sucks.

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