Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I camped with Ernesto

Yep, we are thinking of having tee-shirts made. I don't know too many folks who have actually camped through a tropical storm. Frankly, I think we made out better than folks who stayed home.

We had a few branches punch through our main tarp and one put a large divit in the hood of Ken's car but our tents stayed dry. Our main campsite was damp but not running with water (or under water) and we were even able to host High Tea on Friday afternoon including scones, devonshire cream and "bisquits" and a couple of pots of nice British tea.

When we arrived on Thursday it was drizzling, but we quickly set up the rest of camp and wrapped Erin's tent in two layers of tarp. In the end, she did not arrive until Saturday because the roads in and out of the campsite were underwater. But her tent was dry.

We attended a spinning workshop while there and I learned how to do Navaho plying on the spindle which is very cool. The only problem is that I nearly had a full spindle with singles when the fellow taught me how to do it. I'm going to break off the section that is plyed and finish the rest of this yarn and double ply it. But from here on out I will probably use the Navaho method.
We came home to find many branches down and a new leak in the roof. My scotch broom was torn up at the roots and we lost some mimosa trees. But the two remaining pecans survived and all the animals made it through alive.

Florence is now bearing down on us.

I need to get knitting.

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