Friday, June 02, 2006

I bought some spindles

Actually, I made the first one.

While at Gathering of the Tribes over the Memorial Day Weekend, I attended a workshop on spinning with a spindle. I had rather expected it to me more magickally oriented but it turned out to be a very basic, first time fiber holding experience.

The chap who taught the class is a retired Navy submarine sailor and he used to spin and knit while underwater in one of those metal cigars that patrols the world's waterways. I guess he had to do something to remain reasonably sane. In any case, he's a nice fellow and now sells crystals and rocks for a living.

He brought along his spinning wheel to demonstrate the difference between spindle spinning and wheel spinning and I am thoroughly convinced I want a wheel. But I'm also delighted to report that I have started spinning by hand in the mean time.

Oh, my yarn sucks. It's lumpy, bumpy and over twisted and quite a mess, but it really has turned from fuzz into thread/string and I'm happy. I can see progress already.

I purchased from another vendor at GOTT two spindles. One is heavier and seems to like to spin a thicker bit. The small one seems to make spinning small gauge yarn easier. I also made a spindle at the workshop from a fairly large dowel and an old CD. Sort of weird but it does work. I like the purchased ones much better.

I also order a pound of merino top roving. It should be here in a few days. Indeed a pound of wool should make about a pound of yarn and at a far cheaper price than purchasing the yarn all spun up. I just have to get good at the spinning.

And find the time.

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Leslie Pinney said...

Cate, Good luck to John and your family as you start a new journey. I have six kids the oldest 29 and the youngest 19 and we have had many "new journey's". None that have gone into the army so such but we live in California and my 2nd son decided he wanted to go to school in Ohio because he played ice hockey here and they have a great team at Bowling Green and they are close to Canada. That was 7 years ago and he loves it there so for right now he plans to stay there plus he has met a "girl" so that will keep any guy close. But I sure miss him but he comes home every Christmas and hubby and I go see him every two years. Keep your chin up and many hugs and happy knitting.
Leslie in CA