Friday, June 02, 2006

He's in the Army Now

He's in! He leaves for Fort Knox, Kentucky for his boot camp training on Tuesday, June 6th. Ken and I are taking him down to the MEPS hotel in Richmond on Monday afternoon.

His socks are not yet finished. But I'm going to trace his clod hoppers on a piece of paper so I'm sure to make the foot the correct length and I will ship them to him when he heads off for his 22 weeks of job training. Yes, indeed, 22 whole weeks!

You see, he got the job he wanted. He will be 25B (25 Bravo, in Army parlance). This means he will be in training to become a computer geek for the Army. This also means that they will be investing so much money and effort into this 17-year-old kid that they are requiring him to stay in the Army for 6 years and unless he screws up royally, will never see the front lines.

Am I happy? You betcha!

Here are pictures of the socks for him so far. He will probably get them for graduation from Basic.

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