Monday, June 05, 2006

Farewells: one of many things I detest

Today is the day. We will drop John off at the hotel used by MEPS and wish him well on the next phase of his life. He will be in reception for a little while I think. He can run a mile in short order and do a whole bunch of pushups but the kid cannot do situps. Until he can meet the minimum requirement of 12, he will sit in reception.

The saddest part of this, is that he knew what his goal was months ago. He would go out running from time to time, but he didn't bother to get his counts up on anything else. Now, not only will he be held up in reception (probably), he will also be giving up a $200 a month raise. Had he been able to do 53 sit ups and 53 push ups and run the mile in under 8 minutes, he would have started at one rank higher. Oh well, this is his first real lesson in what procrastination will do.

The socks are nearly done. I have about an inch to go before reducing for the toes on one and about 3 inches to go before reducing on the second. This boy has BIG feet. I will hold onto the socks until he completes Basic and then present them (perhaps at his graduation).

Once I'm finished with them, I have to start on a second pair for the Socks for Soldiers group. Just to save my sanity, I've also started on a tarot bag from the leftover Peacock yarn from my first pair of socks. I'm going to use a swirling closure on the bottom to learn how it's done when making hats.

I want to make a really cool Peruvian type hat with earflaps for Philip and socks for both Maria and Alaina and I will probably make socks for Scott. I am determined to make mittens for myself before cold weather sets in as my hands hurt so badly when they get cold and gloves just don't cut it.

I have an order coming (might come today) of merino roving so I can start spinning on my new spindles. Might be cool to spin enough yarn to make socks or a hat or mittens.

Well, I'm off to work. Taking half day so we can take John down to the drop off point.

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