Monday, May 22, 2006

Northern Virginia Reptile Rescue

Northern Virginia Reptile Rescue

My youngest son rescued a tiny (about quarter sized) box turtle last fall. She is now slightly bigger than a 50 cent piece.

It's interesting to learn she is endangered and after wintering over successfully in an indoor terrarium, she is reaclimating in a large (3 foot by 5 foot) wooden box/terrarium outside. We still feed her daily and provide fresh water. The box contains shelter for her and is growing grass and some weeds and is stocked with earthworms. It is deep enough that if she doesn't get too big this summer, she should be able to dig down and shelter out the winter.

The following Spring we will set her outside the box, again providing daily food and water but without the protection of the screen over the top and no side boundaries. The year after that we plan to stop feeding and just provide water.

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