Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mocking Birds in the Trellis

Mockingbirds are busy building a nest in the clematis vine that grows on the trellis covering the pathway to my front porch.

I removed the beginnings of the nest three times in three days. But yesterday the couple got so far along I could not bear to tear it out again. Now I'm worried.

Clematis Vine

Mockingbirds are notorious for guarding thier territory -- especially when the eggs and babies appear. The dogs and cat are going to be for lots of dive bombing attacks and will eventually learn to only exit the house via the back door. We too will probably have to exit and enter through the laundry room door. On the plus side, they will probably keep away folks I really don't want to see.

Mockingbird Nest

But what if they attack the UPS guy? Will he quit delivering packages? This could be a disaster! What about all my yarn and roving orders? I may have to leave him a note warning him. Perhaps I can call his office and let them know that he should come to the back door and leave the packages on the well cover.

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