Thursday, April 13, 2006

Weight loss and knitting

Well, I got on the scale and got very pissed off at myself. I've gained 10 1/2 pounds since I quit paying for Weight Watchers in November. The only thing that seems to work for me is this darned expensive program of weighing, measuring and deprivation.

Yeah, I know they try to tell you that you can eat anything you want (and technically you can) but only in minute amounts and only then if you give up something else you want. I'm sorry, but Jello just doesn't cut it in the dessert department for me.


So, I'm going to try it again. And I will drink water and knit. Eventually, the weight has to come off if I quit eating so much. Somehow or another I also I have to figure out how to include time for exercise.

I've been eyeballing a little bag thing in Knitpicks that hooks onto your wrist or your belt and you stuff your yarn ball in there and just knit away while you walk. It's $18 and I think I'm going to contact my girlfriend who sews and see if she can make one for me at a much lower price. I hate to walk, but maybe if I have something else to do while I walk, I'll do better.

I'm also playing with the idea of investing in a treadmill. When John leaves, we are going to make his room into a guest room. That means the front room (which is currently storage and guest room), might be used instead as an exercise/storage room. I'm just not sure I'm ready to invest $400 in a treadmill. I'd rather have a spinning wheel.

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Diane said...

Boy, I'm in the same boat. I hate to exercise and just couldn't bring myself to get on those sneakers and trek around the block.

One day I was listening to an old Pointer Sisters CD and decided I had happy feet. Actually I have 2 left feet but in the privacy of my own home I became a dancing queen.

So now my routine is popping in an upbeat cd and dancing for a half hour a day. Graceful? Nope. Getting more graceful? Hardly. But at least it's something I don't dread every day.