Sunday, April 16, 2006

the Village Knittiot

the Village Knittiot

I think that besides The Panopticon, this writer is one of my favorites.

I do think she is exactly correct about a number of things and appears to be far more disciplined than I.. .but perhaps I can use her as a model -- a goal to strive to reach.

And in other aspects of my life....

My husband is outside as I write, working in the gardens. Yes, that's more than one. There are, in fact, seven gardens in our yard (well 10 if you count the hedge row collection of assorted shrubbery which is what most folks around here consider a garden and the pond and the few odd ball things growing under the mailboxes).

Our first date back in 1998 involved him coming over to help me expand the herb garden and till for the veg garden. I had a few scruffy looking shrubs in back then but the place really does look good now. Thankfully, he moved in before the end of the growing season and valiently put up with my garden passions. When my knee went out several years ago, he continued to garden. He was hooked.

Here is a picture from 1999 to give you an idea of how far we progressed in a year: this is my herb garden.

I think it is the Englishman in him, personally. He's a very good gardener. This year, for the first time, he has succomb to the "easy way out" and instead of hand weeding every single square inch, is weeding directly around the perennials then using herbacide on the rest. I really can't blame him. It's a huge job.

The pond picture is from the year 2000.

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