Monday, April 10, 2006

Yarn shops and other adventures

Well, I returned safely from North Western Pennsylvania last night. That is a LONG trip. It was made longer, of course, because my girlfriend and I love to talk and fail to read signs sometimes or look ahead on directions and of course we like to take breaks.

In any case, I did not get to the Carodon Farm in Stanardsville but was rewarded by a visit to a cute little yarn shop in Franklin, PA after I got my tattoo finished.

Here is a picture of my tat:

And here is a picture of me under the needle:

I bought myself some really pretty red Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn. I also bought some point protectors and The Vogue Knitting Stitchionary. I felt pretty justified in doing that because I was a very good girl and did not cry or wince or act like a wimp when I was getting inked.

Fact is, the fellow who did my tat (Chris from Rotten Ink), was really awesome and just did a damned good job.

Now I need to sit down and design my next tat...


Mitz said...

That was some colorfull tatoo, will the colors stay that bight during time? Is there some special kind of symbolism?

CateK said...

The owl was the original tat and did fade a bit. The tree of life wss in for a touchup/correction. My first artist got a little mixed up on the colors here and there with the Celtic braid in the branches. THEN, I did a poor job of aftercare and lost a lot of the color from the tree. Provided I heal correctly this time, I should keep the color for many years. Most folks need their ink touched up every 10 years or so.

As for the symbolism: The owl is my sacred animal. The Goddesses I work with are represented by the Owl. I also work with herbs (thus the tree of life). My friends would tell you that this is me. I also kind of like the "eyes in the back of me" concept.

I've wanted ink for 15 years. It took me this long to find the right design. It is permanent, afterall.

Mitz said...

Mmm, nice when tattos has some inner meaning.
I guess the tree of life will keep you strong in life. I do not know much about godesses and sacred animals but it sounds very vivid and strong.

Amaand said...

I know it's been a couple years since you got that tat, but I was wondering how much that cost you. I am looking for a place to get my first tattoo.

Cate K said...

I think it cost about $125. Chris is really good.