Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spoiled for Life

I decided to use the US 1 rosewood dblpts on the soldier socks instead of trying at this point to work in decreases.

Oh my gracious! It is going to be very, very hard to go back to the birch needles to knit top of the second sock. The rosewoods are so lovely. They feel so nice in my hands. It's very hard to describe the difference but it's sort of like the difference between a Glenfiddich Scotch and Glenmorangie Scotch. Glenfiddich is some nice, smooth stuff and certainly gets the job done, but once you've sampled some Glenmorangie, you likely never willingly go back.

I also see why folks recommend the smaller diameter needles. The fabric is much smoother, much nicer. It's almost imperceptable to the eye, but the fingers really can tell. I'm sure the feet will be happier, too.

I'm thinking of casting on the second sock either tonight, tomorrow or this weekend just to get it going and bring it in line with the first. I will have to invest in a second set of rosewoods in size 1 but I'm now a convert and I don't think I will find the purchase quite a painful. Besides, payday approaches.

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