Sunday, April 30, 2006

Preparing for Travel

Well, a few weeks ago the institution where I work again "outlawed" food. We are allowed (in fact, encouraged) to eat the food fed to the inmates. Unfortunately, this consists mainly of high starch, fat free, salt free, sugar free tasteless stuff. It's actually pretty healthy but very high on the carbs. For me the more serious problem is that it is highly blended with soy and wheat both of which make me ill. So I got a doctor's note that allows me to bring in some snacks (fresh veggies, fruit, yogurt) and I eat my lunches outside the fence in the front break room. At the same time they "outlawed" food, they also ruled out our tote bags. They have a box measuring something small (like 8X7X9) and if your bag/purse doesn't fit inside the box, you can't bring in your bag.

So I ordered a cute little opened top tote from LL Bean. Far too expensive but exactly what I needed. I have fallen in love with this little thing in torquoise and black (including my initials) and so for traveling this summer (especially on the planes), I ordered a matching tote with an outside pocket and a zippered top.

On the plane I'm going to have a very organized approach. My big shawl project is going into my check on luggage. My sock project is going into a large ziplock baggie. That baggie is going into the large tote. I'm bringing wooden DP needles so hopefully I will haveNO hassle from the lovely folks working security. I will also bring a self-addressed stamped envelope in case I do.

I'm tempted to do some invisibility shielding as I really hate being hassled. It worked well the last time I flew. But I will have to include everyone traveling with me and quite frankly, they are a rowdy group and will ignore my attempts to make them quiet and wall-floweresque.

Also in the large tote will be soft-sided lunch box containing food for myself and the family on the plane (healthy snacks). My purse will be tucked inside the large tote. An umbrella is going in there somewhere. I'm also tucking in some puzzle books (Sudoko has become a family fav right now), and I will also pack one change of clothing in case my checked luggage goes touring without me.

Flight back... well, the purse comes out and in it's place I hope will be some yarn snagged at a shop while I'm out at the other side of the U.S.

In other NEWS:

I've cast on for the second sock for the soldier's sock project. I am not done with the first one yet, but have decided to bring the second in the pair up to the same point as the first one so I can finish both at almost the same time and either make the same mistakes on both or do them both correctly together.


Suzy Smith said...

I just popped in to say hi, since I'm ecstatic to find another Blogger in this area. May your travels be safe.

hoover said...

Hmm...pagan plus knitter plus gardener plus counsellor plus computer plus writer (blogger). A curious mix.

I think I missed the who-when-where of your trip. Family-, knitting-, Army-, religion-, or just-for-the-heck-of-it-related?