Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Knitting for stress reduction

Please tell me this works because right now I'm seriously thinking of choking my son.

He dropped out of school at age 16. He cannot get a driver's license until he is 18. We live 10 miles from the nearest business. He is unemployed. He took the GED test and we are awaiting his results (the folks who gave it to him think he passed, thank goodness, but we still have to wait for the certificate). He turns 17 next week. An Army recruiter came to talk to him today.

Also today, he hacked into my husband's computer and crashed it, bashed a hole through the wall in my entry hall because he said he tripped over a rug and hit it with his shoulder and forgot somehow to feed the chickens and rabbit and failed to mop the kitchen floor like I asked him to do yesterday.

I am soooo ready for this kid to be out of my house. I am going to call the recruiter tomorrow and beg him to hurry things up if possible. I can sign him in as soon as he turns 17 and while a week ago I was ready to wait on an Air Force recruiter, I'm fed up now.

I got new double pointed needles today and new yarn. I'm petting the Lorna Laces yarn as I speak and will add a picture later when my husband isn't lurking and thinking I have completely lost my mind....

Maybe I have.

I am going to go knit for a while and have a glass of wine and try to calm my nerves.


Jen said...

Hang in there - raising kids is stuff - I have two boys. The oldest just turned 16 in Dec - he won't get his driver's license - he is flunking two classes - he doesn't want a job - his attitude scares the crap out of me. He also is interested in the military. I can't imagine him having the fortitude to stand the military since he hates being told what to do in school. As parents we can only make them do so much as they get older. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Anonymous said...

My oldest dd was like this. Just to let you know you aren't alone. I pray for her and I said a prayer for you too.