Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cold Hands -- Means I'm Miserable

I don't know about everyone else because I haven't been inside of other people's skin... but for some reason they don't seem to suffer as badly when their hands get cold. I mean I cannot rince vegetables under cold water because it causes the bones in my arms to ache. Shooting pains go up my arms. It's really bad.

When the weather is very cold, I can layer up the clothes but actually hate wearing gloves because my hands actually get colder. Separating my fingers from each other into their own little tubes does not help them stay warm. But I haven't found mittens in stores that I actually like or that are actually warm.

But I may have found a solution. Since I started knitting and surfing the internet for other knitter's blogs and knitting patterns, I have discovered something called Thrummed Mittens. I have ordered sock yarn (much to my husband's dismay) and plan to make some socks but I'm thinking a couple of pairs of mittens would not be a bad investment in my time and money. I've seen roving in little bags at Michaels. I'm thinking... This could be a dangerous thing... I might have found my calling.

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