Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Yep. We got some.

Pictures I do not have because I left my camera at work. Brilliant, eh?

There are a few "dregs" left and I will attempt to take a few shots on my way to work.

The best part was the reaction from Jerry and Alice. This was the first time in their lives they had seen snow (they are technically, still lambs). It was very cold and they were sleeping inside of their house for a change. Fortunately, I had slept in so did not let their alarm clock (the dog) out until it was daylight; so I got to watch their first snowy morning. I could almost narrate their conversation by their "body language"

Jerry stuck his head out first and stopped halfway out the door. "Shit! What the hell is this crap?" as he looks first right then left.

Alice, from inside the house grumbles, "Common Jerry, move! I gotta pee!" She bumps him from behind and he stumbles the rest of the way out of the house onto their covered porch where he stands without letting a hoof touch the strange white stuff. The front half of Alice's body appears in the doorway and stops. "Ooooh, wow. What happened to my grass?"

She moves slowly off the porch and out onto the snow, hooves crunching down through 4 inches or so of the fluff. She looks up and down her yard and then looks up and down again. Jerry hasn't moved out from off the porch.

"Jerry," Alice says, "I think we may have a problem. There's no grass out here."

"What is that stuff?" Jerry asks her. "What does it taste like?"

She puts her face down into the snow, gets a mouth full and nose full and immediately shakes her head to try and dislodge it from her nostrils. The snowball in her mouth gets stuck on the fur around her lips. Suddenly she's shaking her head violently and bobbing her head up and down, then paws at her nose and mouth.

Jerry backs up a step in alarm and his back feet go into the snow and he bolts forward into the snow and bumps into Alice, who has finally freed herself from the snow blocks and gasps for air. "Don't eat it!" She orders. She goes over to get a drink of water from the water bin with the de-icer and takes a long drink of water just under the freezing level. Then she heads back into the house. Somewhere in the midst of the short suffocation from snow, she peed.

Jerry stands outside for a moment longer, walks around the entire house, and finally retreats to the relative warmth and darkness of their house.

They did not come out again until I went out an hour later and brought them pelleted alfalfa mixed with cracked corn and some fresh hay. They ate a little and returned to their house.

It wasn't until the next day that they came to realize the white stuff meant them no harm and we enjoyed watching them running and sliding in the snow at dusk. While they had hay in the hay feeder to eat and more hay in a tin kept under their porch roof to eat, they decided that they prefer a small flake of hay laid in the yard on top of the snow. If they would eat all of it I would not mind feeding them that way all the time, but they pick through it, scatter it about and end up trampling most of it. The hay feeder seems to be the most economical way to feed them hay, they just don't like it because they can't pick through it and must eat what comes out the hole.

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