Thursday, December 24, 2009

Goals for 2010

I don't think I did so great on making my goals for 2009. But I did get my sheep and that was a big one. The bonus is that Ken has decided that they really aren't so bad and actually does a super job of taking care of them when I can't. I quit drinking. I learned to knit fair isle (or at least with two colors at a time).

But here are some of my thoughts on where I would like to go in 2010:

  • Finish spinning the oatmeal fleece and knit up this Shawl.
  • Move my large (and only loom) out of the fiber room and installed into the Yellow Cat Saloon where it will get more use (from me and other weavers).
  • Weave a set of kitchen towels (3 each) for myself, my mother and my mother-in-law and Mandy and perhaps a set for Ellen & George at the Tavern.
  • Begin to learn to weave overshot (perhaps a table runner or a set of four place mats)
  • Clean up my fiber room once I can move in there and organize what I have so I can find it.
  • Create some fun spinning batts and offer for sale
  • Spin off the grey shetland fleece currently living in a basket in the living room.
  • Make a sweater or vest from this grey fleece.
  • Spin off the white shetland fleece also living in the living room and use at least some of this in 1. yarn for socks 2. yarn for a shawl 3. dye some of it and make scarves or other nice small projects with it. But get the stuff carded and spun.
  • Make some silk hankies and dye them. (I dyed some last year but want to learn to make hankies from the little silk cocoon.
  • Get past this depression.
  • Loose some weight and learn to resist the urge to eat like a crazy person.
  • Get fresh fleeces off of Alice and Jerry and use their fibers to make something wonderful for Ken. What will depend upon the condition of the fiber and how much we get that is usable.
Now as for work... my newest co-worker has been a great help to me and it has forced me to really take the time to learn more because I don't want to teach him wrong. He's also very enthusiastic and verbal in his thanks so I feel like I'm contributing. He also makes me feel like a patient and wise person, even though I'm not. He has made me examine my short tempered attitude towards one of my supervisors. Even though I'm only pseudo supervising the new guy, I've come to greatly appreciate our supervisor's approach to things which had previously seemed very anal to me. So my goals for 2010 at work:

  • Improve my documentation of phone calls, conversations by learning to use functional abbreviations and go directly to the computer rather than jot notes on paper THEN go to the computer.
  • Negotiate with my big boss for at least one evening a week during which will regularly I work late and adjust the time off later. (LIke work late on Wednesday evening and adjust off by coming in late on Monday morning). The office is quiet in the evening and I get a lot more completed on things that require focused concentration (like report writing).
  • Get my gang files organized! And attend one more gang related training.
  • Use more of the EBP stuff and practice (Master?) those motivational interviewing techniques.
  • Make sure that when folks get locked up or I submit a MVR I remember to put the case in waiver so I don't have to worry about them anymore and my ass is covered for the audit.
  • Add one day a month to home contacts so I am going out faithfully three days a month regardless.

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