Sunday, September 13, 2009

Small changes

It might just be the change of seasons or it could be seeing the world through sober eyes, but I've suddenly become alarmed at the chaos in my house. So, I am going to start tackling one problem area at a time. Lest I become overwhelmed.

Yesterday I made Ken move furniture. Just two pieces. I exchanged the big blue monster chair for the smaller, more elegant wingback. Two reasons for this: One, you sink down in the blue monster and it was not good for spinning (wrong angle for hips and knees). Two, my back is more comfortable in the more upright wingback.

So, now I have a chair in front of the TV from which I can spin. I wanted to do this because I have a freaking TON of fiber that needs to be spun and leaving all this in the living room is not getting it completed. I spend perhaps 20 hours a week in the family room. I was spending about 2 hours a week in the living room spinning.

Another good reason to switch is that much of my fiber is in need of prep work (combing, carding, flicking, etc.). This tends to be messy work with bits of hay and dirt going everywhere. Far easier for me to sweep it off a tile floor than to haul out the vacuum to suck it up from the carpet.

So here is the before and after shots:



I still want to get some nice covered baskets that will stack for the in-progress knitting projects instead of bags. I think that will help the overall clutter problem.

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