Friday, September 11, 2009


My dad was finally diagnosed with Wernicke-Korsacoff Syndrome. Basically it means he has a thiamine deficiency caused by alcohol consumption. It has caused brain damage.

My memory has been getting worse and worse. I think I finally may have figured out why.

As of yesterday, I was sober for a week.

The headaches have been awful. And sometime around day 3 I had some problems with hallucinations in which any straight line I looked at would vibrate. The last couple of days things at work have really been plucking my nerves.

I know if I hang in there, all of these yucky things will pass. But today I was really craving some Kalua. Weird thing to want.

Haven't been knitting much. Just don't have the motivation and I've been going to bed really early. But I hope to get back on track with this soon. I have gifts to finish making!

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Amanda Olson said...

You can get past it. Just keep trying! I believe in you :O)