Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lost one

Tom died on Wednesday of this week.

I honestly believe we did everything we could do to save him but he just never completely recovered from the respiratory problem he arrived with.

I'm very glad we decided to go ahead and get Alice when we did. She had time to bond with Jerry and so while they were both upset for about 24 hours, they seem to be acting pretty normally now.

They both get wormed again this coming week and we will switch them over to the other side of the "pasture".

I have been spreading pasture grass seed throughout their current pasture area and plan to expand some of that out into the rest of our yard. I think, given an improved yard, I will eventually be able to convince Ken that we can get a few more sheep.

Ken was the most upset by Tom's death, I think. He disposed of his body and was almost angry that he had died. I think it frustrates him when he can't fix things. He mumbled for a few days about not getting any more animals, but then got back to improving their little barn.

He bought some pressure treated plywood and says he is going out tomorrow to work on it. If that project goes well, then it won't be insurmountable to consider putting up another in the front yard where we actually have more open space.

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